Being The Elite Travels to Mexico and E3 as AEW Prepares for Fyter Fest

In episode 157 of Being The Elite, both The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega hit the road. We start off with the then-AAA Tag Team Champions, who are headed to a AAA event to defend the belts against The Lucha Bros. In some rather poor audio captured poolside, the Bucks seem excited for their upcoming title match. The Bucks also thanked the fans for making All Out sold out.

Kenny Omega then broadcasts from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3. This annual gathering brings together the entire video game industry, and Kenny states that he’s there to “work off some steam” and foster his favorite hobby. We see Kenny playing some games in the IndieCade booth, speaking with a few convention-goers, playing Apex Legends on stage and cutting a promo on Xavier Woods.

The Young Bucks then take in some of the local cultures by drinking a Coke coffee drink outside a gas station. They expect the drink to be disgusting but are surprised by the mixture’s quality. Christopher Daniels than cuts a promo on his upcoming match against Cima at Fyter Fest. He tries to get his thoughts together by speaking to his pet pug before confirming that the match will happen.

The Young Bucks answer a few viewer tweets. After that, highlights from The Young Bucks’ match in AAA air next, including their title loss against The Lucha Bros. The team confirms their mystery partner for Fyter Fest will be AAA Cruiserweight Champion Laredo Kid. That team will face The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in Daytona Beach later this month.

For the full episode, be sure to check out the video embedded below:

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