Arn Anderson Talks Cody’s Double or Nothing Promo, Similarities to Dusty

On a recent episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Arn Anderson talked about AEW’s Double or Nothing. In particular, he focused in on one of the main events, a clash of brothers that pitted the former Goldust Dustin Rhodes against Cody. Arn was good friends with Dusty Rhodes, working in WCW when “The American Dream” did a lot of his best work. Therefore, when Cody referenced one of Dusty’s famous promos after the match, he knew it was special.

The people remember and you can go back to it if you do it in a tasteful way whether it is being negative or positive and addressing something that someone said, a promo that stuck through time and to go back to that people will know exactly what you are talking about and those that ask, somebody will be glad to tell them and I think that’s the part of the industry that has been missing the last ten or fifth teen years for sure the last five and it is building something that lasts.

Arn felt that moments like that will help AEW stick in fans memories, something that modern wrestling has lacked for the past twenty years or so. As for Cody himself, Arn stated that Cody has a star quality similar to his father. “I think he has quality of the heart and that he has matured and he is going to take those things that his Dad taught him before he passed and they are going to become something meaningful now whereas they were just words at the time.” Arn also pointed out that it’s hard to be compared to such a legend, but both Rhodes brothers have carved their own path. “They both want to be their own men and they are being their own men and I am proud of both of them.”

Thanks to Chad & JP of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling for transcripts from their 400th episode.

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