The Miz On Getting Advice From WWE’s Backstage ‘Dad’s Club’, The Timing Being Right For ‘Miz & Mrs’

The Miz recently spoke with Fatherly ahead of Father’s Day about being a Dad in the public eye, how his family might grow in the next few years, the WWE star he gets parenting advice from and more.

Miz commented on returning to reality TV with Miz & Mrs, as he’s previously mentioned being offered reality shows in the past. Miz says he thought going back to that format was a bad look, but explained why the timing was right for this show now versus five years ago.

“Now I look at reality television, and it’s not like that anymore, because everything’s ‘reality.’ Everything’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and when you can be an executive producer and have control of what you put out there, and what you want out there, you can do something that you’re really proud of.” Miz said. “That you genuinely love doing, and that’s something that my wife and I are very passionate about. We want to show you our lives, but we also want to make an entertaining, fun, and like you said, positive show that people can watch with their family and laugh at. It’s one of those things we set out to do, and I don’t think we would have been as successful five years ago, because I think this is what people want to see.”

The Miz also talked about the backstage atmosphere in WWE being like a ‘club’ with all of the fathers on the WWE roster. Miz said R-Truth has been a great resource of information, and cited Heath Slater as another fellow Dad who gave him great advice about being on the road.

“Yes! There are a lot of dads backstage and a lot of dads giving good advice.” Miz said. “R-Truth is the person I go to for all the best advice. I remember, I was childproofing my house, and he was just giving me amazing advice. He’s a wealth of knowledge because he has, I think, three or four kids.”

“Health Slater told me, ‘Dude, you’ll never love anything more than your daughters. Every time I come home, it’s like, a huge WrestleMania pop. I am the biggest star.’ And I never understood it until I had Monroe, and now I totally get what he was talking about.” Miz said. “It’s an interesting dynamic… you think you’d see the guys talking about working out and other manly things, but usually we just sit around talking about our kids.”

The Miz also talked about his Dad’s newfound level of ‘wrestling fame’, how he wants to guide his daughters and more; read the full interview here.