Lucha Bros Defeat The Young Bucks To Regain AAA Tag Team Championships

Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix made the series at 1-2 against Matt & Nick Jackson last night in Merida, MX as The Lucha Bros defeated The Young Bucks in tag team action to regain the AAA Tag Team Championships.

The Bucks were very much the heels in this AAA Worldwide bout as the two were not against cheap shots and gaining advantage through nefarious means. A ref bump allowed for a low blow opportunity as well as a spot in which the California-based brothers ripped off the mask of Pentagon Jr. The latter would have caused an immediate disqualification but since the referee was down, the match carried on to the good fortune of Pentagon who actually ended up getting the pinfall win after the Lucha Bros delivered the package piledriver and double stomp for the win.

Due to the hectic finish, the announcers teased a rematch in the works for the two hot rival teams and even Matt reiterated such a notion on Twitter. (h/t to Shannon Walsh of for the match details)