Jon Moxley Talks Return To Indie Wrestling Circuit, Feels 18 Again

Now that he’s signed to a much more free contract, Jon Moxley has been able to wrestle in a handful of promotions that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to in his WWE days. Fresh off of partaking in some New Japan Pro-Wrestling matches, Moxley caught up with TMZ Sports ahead of his return to the indie circuit, which he made yesterday during a Northeast Wrestling event in Connecticut.

Speaking of returning to the indie scene, Moxley discussed how excited he was, and how happy he was to feel like a wrestler again. “The last month or so has been really great, just being a professional wrestler again,” he said. “Just got back from Japan, two successful shows over there for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and gearing up right now for this Friday night, in Waterbury, Connecticut, Northeast Wrestling, I will be making my return to United States Indies for the first time since, I guess, 2011.”

From there, Moxley discussed how he feels like a kid again, and said he was extremely grateful to the fans who have stuck with him throughout his career. “I feel like I’m 18 again right now. I’m just chomping at the bit to get in the ring … I’m just so excited about the future, I could wrestle until I’m 100. I got a lot of fans around the world that, you know, some of which have been with since before WWE … I got a lot of great fans that have stuck with me through thick and thin, through everything, and they’re still sticking with me.”

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