UFC Champ Henry Cejudo Finally Meets The Bella Twins

UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo’s quest to meet Nikki Bella has seemingly paid off, as the champion has recently taken a picture with both Bella twins, along with his UFC title belts, no less.

The image, shared by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, shows Cejudo and the Bellas in a friendly pose, and each Bella holding onto one of Cejudo’s titles. This comes many months after Cejudo had tried to woo Nikki Bella online, when he shared a poem for Nikki that took a brief shot at Daniel Bryan:

Nikki Bella, roses are red

Daniel Bryan is turning blue

Because I got the real championship gold

and I have a loaded question for you

Cejudo’s attempt to shoot his shot has seemingly paid off, as the Flyweight Champion was rewarded with a chance to meet both of the women.

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