Ric Flair Says He Has ‘Nothing To Lose,’ Comments On Losing Business Opportunities, Why He Said He’d Keep Drinking Beer

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

After updating the fans on his health on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Ric Flair also announced that he would no longer be allowing himself to be highly anxious when it comes to drinking alcohol. Nearly two years ago, Flair discussed how his severe alcohol problem had nearly killed him, but after his recent health scare, he says he will no longer be anxious when having a drink or two.

Co-host Bully Ray asked Flair about comments he made in his recent ‘Back In Action’ promo on YouTube where he said it’s a ‘$1.8 million miracle’ to be here, but he’s ready to get back on the road and he won’t slow down. Flair said he would move forward and he has “autographs to sign, pictures to take, friends to have a cold beer with…two cold beers if it’s Stone Cold.” Bully asked Flair to elaborate on those remarks, and Flair said it came down to recovering from his recent health scare and deciding that he won’t let the anxiety of consuming alcohol get to him.

“I decided this time when I woke up, that I got nothing to lose,” he said to Busted Open Radio. “And I am going to not drink two beers, and have an anxiety attack anymore … that’s where I was.” Flair went on to discuss how he had suffered from anxiety problems while drinking, describing a moment at his wedding when he had a drink or two and stressed himself out.

According to Flair, the drinking that he had done isn’t what caused so many of his problems, but it was from going septic, possibly from some sort of infection or other health complication.“I found out that drinking isn’t what did it, the drinking did wear down my immune system, but it’s a result of going septic. So after four surgeries where they put you to sleep … I just said to myself, hell, I’m going to say what I think and what I feel.”

Flair continued, saying he was losing business opportunities while he was recovering, but he wanted to show people that he’s still ‘Ric Flair’ and that he wants to to keep getting brand endorsement deals without worry.

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