Road Dogg On His Evolving Role In NXT, What Was Missing As SmackDown Writer, Praises The TakeOver ‘Formula’

“Road Dogg” Brian James was the special guest on this week’s episode of X-Pac 1 2 360, and the D-X stable mates talked about James’ status with WWE. The pair were able to catch up as Waltman is in Orlando working as a guest coach, and previously announced he’d be doing his show on location this week.

Brian “Road Dogg” James On Why He Likes Working On NXT

“For me to get to work with the guys and build a relationship with them and have that camaraderie because it is something I missed as the lead writer {of Smackdown}…. For Smackdown I wouldn’t even go out there and do rehearsals anymore. I very rarely talked to the talent because I was just in the writers room or in with Vince going over the show or you know whatever we were doing. I was kind of isolated away on the creative side of the railroad tracks so this is a disconnect. And then the talent calls me on a Wednesday when I’m in prepping for a meeting to go in to pitch a show or whatever.”

James On The NXT Takeover Formula

“What I love so much about it is and I think it’s part of the formula that people like is; look there’s five matches. You go to the live event you can probably get six or eight matches but you tune in for Takeover you get five matches, six tops. And all the titles are on the line and it’s not every month, so the titles and the story can build a little longer…revenue is great for the for the Takeovers and this last one proved that it doesn’t necessarily have to coattail or piggyback a bigger event so it stood on its own, in a town that we don’t run a whole bunch anymore and so it did really well.”

James On Producing The Roderick Strong/Matt Riddle Match at NXT TakeOver 25

“So I was the producer on that match and I don’t think I’m telling stories out of school here. But they came to me and I said ‘Guys I’m 50 years old and I got over by ducking a clotheslines and wiggling my knees. I don’t dare put my foot into your wrestling ring today because I’m just gonna screw you up. So y’all do your thing and let me wrap my head around all the things you’re doing so that I can make sure cameras are in the right place so we can shoot it.’

Brian “Road Dogg” James On His New Job At The Performance Center

“The job here is not etched in stone and it’s kind of still evolving…You {direct to Sean Waltman} were there with me yesterday when we worked all day on entrances and you know I’m not great at the technical wrestling crap but I’m pretty good at the television aspect of what we do.”

The full episode is available to watch below; X-Pac 1 2 360 is also available on iTunes and Spotify.