PCO On How Much Work Goes Into His Character & Vignettes, Destro’s Influence On His Career

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week on The Rad Turtles Wrestling Podcast, “Rad” Rob Francois and Jon Wanglund from The Wrestling With Reality Podcast interviewed ROH superstar PCO. ‘The French Canadian Frankenstein’ discussed his weekly videos with Destro and how they started working together, as well as how much of a creative influence they have on each other and more. 

PCO discussing his popular videos every Monday with Destro:

“We want to be so creative and we don’t want to do something just to do something. We wanted it to really mean something for everyone and make it a parallel to my career. It represents the tough times that I went through and fighting my way back into where I’m at now. That was the analogy that we wanted to do there with the videos that come out every Monday. The championship belt people see has been a symbol in the videos as to what we’re fighting for and where we want to be.”

Who’s idea was it for the PCO character when you came back?

“It was Destro’s idea and we we’re shooting a video for my match with Walter Wrestlemania 34 weekend just before the Walter match. I was getting hit by frying pans to get used the chops of Walter. Destro had mentioned to me the way I walk is like Frankenstein.  I said to him, it’s funny that you say that because my whole career, I’ve looked for a character that fit my style. I could never put my finger on it. All the crazy bumps that I take and crazy things that I like doing and love doing now It’s going to work and it’s going to make sense. Before it wasn’t making sense but now it makes sense. That’s how it all began and was creation 1 of PCO ‘The French Canadian Frankenstein’.”

Where did you first meet Destro and how did you guys come together?

“It’s cool that you mentioned that because I was just with him. We were just having a brainstorm meeting before this interview with you guys. He comes from the world of the old-time strongman test of strength challenges. That’s the world that he’s coming from. He would do these amazing tests of strength that nobody can beat him in. He holds so many Guinness Book Of World Record’s. I wanted to get him to work with me because he is so creative and good and he can do so many things with will power.”

PCO described Destro’s background and their relationship:

“At 14 years old, he started to try to learn how to bend his first stop sign. And it took him two years to master it and be able to do it like every day. He would go to the corner of his street and try to bend the stop sign and he couldn’t do it at first. Every day he would go down and keep trying to bend it. After a year he was able to do it. 

When I looked at everything that he could do and has done, I was thinking about if we could some way do something together. The first thought that I had was I just wanted him to be my coach to go through my workouts on an every day basis with me. That was the first step to just work out together. I was booked to wrestle at Joey Janela’s Spring Break with Walter. When I was cutting promos for this event felt like there was something missing in my promos.  I was starting to work very hard with my hands for these test of strength with him. He is so knowledgeable with training and science. He is well known in Canada for these test of strength he can do and he has been on a few movies as well. He is super charismatic just by his presence and he doesn’t have to do much or say much, just be there. We kind of gelled and our goal was to become the greatest pro wrestling champion in the history together.”

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