AEW Breaks Down Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela Before Fyter Fest

Photo Credit: Joey Janela

AEW Fyter Fest is just around the river bend and one of the most buzzed about matches happens to be Jon Moxley‘s All Elite debut against “The Bad Boy” himself, Joey Janela. The AEW website has a write-up on the two facing one another on June 29 in Daytona, FL. Below is an excerpt of the two hot commodities getting ready to combust:

This is a Jon Moxley unleashed for the first time in ages, and as anyone who has followed his career over the last fifteen years has seen, that can be a scary sight. This is a Joey Janela in, undoubtedly, the biggest fight of his near 15 year wrestling career, and on the highest profile stage he has ever competed. This is Joey’s opportunity to prove himself against a man who has set the wrestling world ablaze in the last several months. Moxley is as hot now as he has ever been, carrying all the momentum of a bullet train, and “The Bad Boy” is standing on the tracks with a smile on his face, cigarette dangling from his lips like a 21st Century James Dean, looking forward to see what happens when they collide. You can almost picture the thought bubble over his head reading “This will be fun”…

As for Mox, well we don’t need to imagine his thoughts, he shared them with the world on June 5th during Episode 1 of “The Road to Fyter Fest” (What Here). “Like Amazon Prime for head trauma…” was just one way Jon Moxley chose to describe what will occur on 6/28 when the bell rings and Joey becomes his “…enemy for the duration”. The warning is clear, the message to Joey pretty straight forward when Moxley says “…make sure you’re sure you want to become my enemy.”

If “Double or Nothing” was the statement Moment for Moxley, this is no doubt the statement Match for both men and it goes down at “Fyter Fest” on Saturday June 29th in Daytona.

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