Bray Wyatt Has ‘Fiend’ Now, Apollo Crews Calls Out Andrade

Bray Wyatt Has ‘Fiend’ Now

Even with his Firefly friends surrounding him, Bray Wyatt can still hear the critics chirping, but it seems that our friendly host has another friend ready to join the Funhouse: Fiend. Wyatt went on Twitter to let his followers (and his critics) know:

Too much time, with too many critics rambling on about what I am capable of.

You will see.

This time is different.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I have Fiend now.

And Fiend is ready.

Yowie Wowie I’ll pray for you.


Apollo Crews Calls Out Andrade

Apollo Crews was ready to set up to the plate against Andrade, but in this latest video by WWE, Zelina Vega makes it known that Andrade isn’t an individual to mix up with.

Apollo Crews hasn’t forgotten about Andrade’s attack last week, but Zelina Vega warns him that challenging her associate is a bad idea.