Heavy Machinery Squash Yolo County Tag Team Champs, Challenge Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan came out during tonight’s SmackDown Live to participate in a ‘title unification match’ against a duo of wrestlers that had cardboard belts. The champions of Yolo County, as they were called, were interrupted by Heavy Machinery. The rowdy duo came to the ring and challenged Bryan and Rowan to a fight, but were instead told to wrestle the other “champs.”

Accepting the challenge, Heavy Machinery made their way into the ring and made extremely quick work of the fake champions. Otis and Tucker showed everyone why they might be the favorites to challenge the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and while Bryan and Rowan don’t seem ready to fight just yet, the duo might soon run out of excuses.

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