Becky Lynch Praises Mentally Challenged Fan, Sami Zayn Auctions Off Referee Shirt

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch Praises Mentally Challenged Fan

Becky Lynch took time out of trolling her colleagues on social media earlier today, and for good reason. She did so in order to praise Morgan Boyle, a mentally & physically challenged fan that has been through a lot in recent times. As WWE has done so many times in the past, they were able to make his dream come true upon meeting Becky herself.

Boyle had previously been featured in the news after AJ Kirsch helped him rebuild his wrestling memorabilia collection due to his collectibles being destroyed in a fire in his family home in January. Through the power of social media, Kirsch was able to find nearly 200 8 x 10 photos, shirts, posters and other items from fan donations. Not only that, but Kirsch presented Boyle, a noted fan of California’s Best Of The West Wrestling, with tickets to WWE’s next event in Fresno, and told him he’d get to meet Lynch.

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Sami Zayn Auctions Off Referee Shirt

The incredible Sami Zayn may be an effective heel on WWE programming, but we all know him to be an absolute sweetheart outside of the ring. Case in point: the former NXT Champion is set to auction off the referee shirt he wore on RAW last night, all in the name of raising money for his Sami For Syria campaign.