ROH Wrestling Results (6/8/19): NWA National Title Match

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired June 8, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Ian Riccaboni and NWA World Heavyweight  Champion Nick Aldis welcome viewers to the show.

NWA National Championship: Colt Cabana (c) vs. James Storm 

The two men lock up and feel each other out with technical holds. Cabana dodges Last Call and leaves the ring. Storm escapes the Billy Goat’s Curse and similarly exits. Cabana hits a standing splash for a near fall. Storm hits a stiff kick to the side of the head. Storm controls the match but the champion fights back with some chops.

Storm lands a hard knee for a near fall and grounds Cabana again. The champion blocks the Eye of the Storm and nails a head-scissors takedown. Some jabs and an elbow take Storm down and Cabana hits the Flying Apple. Storm kicks out after a splash. He escapes the Billy Goat’s Cursed again and unsuccessfully tries to suplex Cabana on the bare concrete. The Cowboy sends Cabana into the steel barricade. The Champion nails a hip toss on the concrete and nearly pins Storm after a moonsault. Storm hits two Last Calls and locks in the Cloverleaf but the bell rings at the fifteen minute time limit.

The match ends in a time limit draw. Cabana retains the NWA National Champion.

Storm grabs the title and Cabana picks up a microphone. He says there’s no way he was going to tap. Cabana says that’s not Storm’s title and offers to give the challenger five more minutes for a decisive winner. The Briscoes attack Cabana. Mark Briscoe curses the NWA and says both ROH and NWA have been screwing the Briscoes. Mark says nobody, including Nick Aldis, has the courage to stop them. Aldis attacks Jay Briscoe but Mark gets the upper hand. Aldis and Mark start brawling but the champion is outnumbered.  The Briscoes attack Cabana again and Mark chokes Aldis with his own tie.

Riccaboni discusses the Best in the World Card, including Dalton Castle vs. Dragon Lee, Bandido vs. Shane Taylor and ROH World Champion Matt Taven vs. Jeff Cobb.

In the second part of a special interview, Jeff Cobb discusses his transition into professional wrestling and the beginning of his career. The video package reminds fans how Cobb won the ROH World Television Championship. Cobb says it’s amazing to be in the main event of a PPV. He says Matt Taven should be ready for anything and everything.

Silas Young vs. The Squid

Silas Young grabs a microphone and says it’s obvious he’s turned over a new leaf. He’s done taking shortcuts because nobody can wrestle the way he does. He says he would have mopped the floor with anybody but he wanted to do something to push himself. He says he found a real challenge for himself and introduces the Squid. A wrestler wearing a squid mask comes to the ring.

The two men shake hands. Young takes the Squid to the mat and showcases his technical prowess with various holds. The Squid gets a few holds in but Young maintains control. The Squid taps to an abdominal stretch and Young keeps it locked in after the bell.

Winner: Silas Young

A video package recaps Bully Ray’s rivalry with Lifeblood.

Mark Haskins comes to the ring. He says he came to ROH because this is a place where wrestling matters. He refuses to be labelled as an entertainer; he’s a wrestler. He says we all love professional wrestling. He recaps how Lifeblood was formed and hypes up each member of the group. Haskins says Bully Ray took Tenille’s chance to show the world what she can do. He says he hates Bully Ray and wants to say his piece to Bully’s face.

Bully comes out and laughs at Haskins. Bully says he’ll take Haskins up on his challenge. He tells the referee to get out of the ring. Bully asks Haskins whether he’s going to bark or bite. Haskins says everyone’s fed up with Bully and tells him to go back to the cesspool he came from. He asks Bully to retire. Bully says he tried to retire in this very arena. He wonders how he can try again when the fans begged him not to retire. Bully brags about how men cried when he retired. He says he lied and the fans are suckers. Bully says he’s been lying his entire career; it’s what he does and nobody has been able to stop him.

Haskins challenges Bully to a fight but ROH World TV Champion Shane Taylor comes to the ring.  Tracy Williams runs to the ring to even the odds. He says he’s tired of talking; they came for a fight. He challenges Ray and Taylor to a tag team match. Bully accepts.

Bully Ray and Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins

Haskins and Bully start off but the Soldiers of Savagery attack Haskins and Williams. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners (via disqualification): Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins

The assault continues and Bully gets a table. PJ Black makes the save with a chair but he succumbs to the numbers game. Bully nails a powerbomb on Black through a table.

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