Colt Cabana On Wrestlers Having Different Creative Outlets, Potentially Doing Web Series With NWA

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Colt Cabana spoke with after his ‘Art Of Wrestling’ panel at Starrcast in Las Vegas. Cabana talked about being able to represent the NWA as their National Champion, and praised NWA Vice President Dave Lagana for his work ethic. Cabana said he looks forward to telling some more cool stories together, and said that while the promotion’s ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’ has been a focal point of the brand, he’d be open to doing a similar feature, highlighting the benefits of the current business model:

“Yeah, I would love to do something like that. ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’ has been so amazing and I think that’s part of the fun of having me with this NWA team is [Dave] Lagana knows how forward thinking I am with the internet—having a podcast since 2010 and having a comedy YouTube show, Creative Does Nothing For You and Worst Promo Ever, and now we’re gonna do some more things—but obviously I understand how the medium works.

It’s just about, they have a lot of work, I know they’re doing a lot of work, they’re focusing on Nick and he’s the champion, but, yeah, I definitely want to do some fun stuff moving forward, whether it’s ‘Road Diaries’ or even—not putting comedic aspects on it, but showing my charm and my wits will always put a smile on somebody’s face. And I love giving that content, I love giving that free content. That’s what’s cool to me. I love that it’s free and that anyone can watch it.

That’s kind of how that business model works, like ‘we’ll give you all this free stuff and then hey, if you do have something you want to support, you’ll support it.’ And that’s kind of what happened with the NWA, especially the Cup, the Crockett Cup. It was a great house, there were so many buys, and everybody was supportive. That’s a good model and it’s working.”

Cabana also talked about still having jitters for doing stand-up comedy, and said it’s a good thing for wrestlers to have some kind of creative outlet outside of work. He said he enjoys the challenge comedy provides, and says that wrestling comes more natural to them, but comedy is enjoyable where it stimulates his mind:

“I feel like I was born to be a wrestler. I was obsessed with wrestling since I was a child. My first couple of matches were under a mask, so that really gives you the freedom of not caring what happens to you. Because nobody knows you, you’re under a mask. So, comedy—I love comedy, I’ve kind of grown to love comedy—but I was never obsessed with it as much as I was wrestling. So, it’s not just like a natural thing where you can just jump in there and know how—you just know how to do a sunset flip, you just know these weird things because you watch so much wrestling.

But yeah, it’s— coming from me, it can be a little nerve wracking in front of like 10 people in Chicago and I’m super nervous, and the week before I was wrestling in front of 5,000 people in Japan and had no nerves. It is what it is, but I like doing it and I like having like a little side project. Like, I get what Dolph Ziggler is doing and why he’s doing it. We need a different outlet and we need something to do that’s fun. And I love wrestling. I love getting out there and wrestling. But, you know, I wrestle 200 days a year or whatever it is. I have a pretty wild schedule, and so, we choose different ways to relax. This is kind of a cool way for me to do something different, and kind of also test my brain and challenge my brain. I had a fun conversation with Shane Douglas today about challenging our brains and doing something different. We’ve all been in wrestling and it’s kind of just like, it’s so easy, it’s so ‘walk and talk’ for a lot of us. And it’s fun to have that challenge that we had maybe when we first started wrestling. It just kind of triggers your brain. So for me, comedy is kind of like that. It’s enjoyable.”

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