Nyla Rose On Representing Her Communities, Feeling A Level Of Responsibility, People Saying She’s ‘The Face’ For Inclusion

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Nyla Rose spoke with the media following her appearance at All Elite Wrestling‘s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event. Rose competed against Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Kylie Rae and the returning Awesome Kong in the first-ever women’s match in the company.

Nyla was asked about being the first transgender signing for a national wrestling company in America, as she pointed out the history of inclusion internationally, as well as how much representation matters.

“There’s a great history in Mexico and Japan of women like myself—and possibly transgender men, we don’t know that as they’re not as profiled. They’re no stranger to the sport. On the national stage in the US, it is a major thing. The history of all this coming about, it’s kind of a blur for me, if I’m being totally honest with you. It’s been a whirlwind adventure. It all sunk in when I got to Vegas and saw my face everywhere. To have this opportunity is huge. I say it ad naseum, but representation matters, so I cannot thank AEW and the powers that be here enough for giving me this opportunity, this chance to show the world that I’m just normal and boring like everybody else.”

Nyla was asked about the perception she’s ‘the face’ of the message of AEW is for everyone, and she said she doesn’t necessarily agree with that, but hopes she represents all of her communities in the best way she can.

“I don’t think I am the face. I don’t know, I think we’re all the face, we have a little bit of everyone in the company. It went from saying ‘I’m the face’ to ‘we’re the face’, but I get what you’re saying though.

It’s a feel-good feeling, but a little bit of that pressure. I don’t want to let anyone down. I want to do all of my communities proud—my native community, the black community, the LGBTQ+ community—I just want to do everybody proud make sure I represent them to the best of my ability.”

Is there responsibility with being a notable transgender individual in the spotlight?

“I think there is a little responsibility on some levels, but at the end of the day, I don’t speak for everyone. I speak for Nyla Rose. That’s the biggest thing that people need to understand, I’m an individual. Yes, I’m part of a community, but I’m an individual. What I saw say reflects purely Nyla Rose’s point of view.”

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