Matt Morgan Talks Stuttering Gimmick, Similarities Between Politics & Wrestling, More

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Former TNA & WWE Superstar Matt Morgan recently sat down with Post and Courier to talk about a variety of topics. Matt is the current Mayor of Longwood, Florida. Among the topics he discussed were his ‘Blueprint’ gimmick, being a politician now, and some ideas that were pitched to him that he did not like. Check out the highlights below.

On initially becoming interested in politics:

Once I became a dad, that’s when I really started paying close attention to local politics. I did not like what I was seeing. I don’t mean any disrespect to those who served before me because it was a thankless job. I’m just being truthful. The more I pulled back that curtain in our city politics, the more I hated what I saw. It’s a beautiful, charming city. Nobody cared if I was Matt Morgan the wrestler. They learn about it, and that’s it. You have some wrestling fans who obviously would recognize me. But we do have a lot of seniors in this community, and they’re not necessarily watching wrestling in a tiny city like this.

On the similarities between wrestling and politics:

In wrestling, as in politics, you’ve got to learn real quick to develop thick skin and not sweat the small stuff. You’ve got to be OK with being blamed for things. I always tell people politics is much worse. In wrestling, you can be riding in a car with a guy, on tour, who can then back-stab you to the promoter or agents about how terrible this guy is and I don’t want to work with him. Whereas in politics, you clearly know who your political rivals are from the jump. So at least it’s happening in front of your face a little bit more.

On the pitched stuttering gimmick from Vince McMahon:

I hated it. I didn’t tell those guys to call me up prematurely. But now I was finally getting an opportunity to work as a heel. There was nothing you could have thrown at me that I couldn’t have handled. As for the stuttering thing, I did say in that office, and not talking back or anything, but you know, Vince sold this to me as he’s always wanted to put this stuttering character on one of these bigger, super impressive looking guys. I said, ‘Do you know I have a degree in public speaking? I graduated with honors (at Chaminade). I might not be the best at it, but talking is kind of my thing. And essentially we’re going to pull that away?’

On any hard feelings between him and Mr. McMahon:

He was pretty damn good to me. I don’t have a bad thing to say about Vince. I know a lot of people when they leave, they may not have had the career they wish they had. It’s the easiest thing to do to start bashing people, especially Vince. But from my point of view and my experience, I don’t have anything bad to say.

The entire interview can be read here.

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