Seth Rollins Hopes Brock Lesnar Cashes In ‘Like A Man’

After managing to avoid losing the WWE Championship at WWE Super ShowDown by defeating Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins also managed to thwart an attempted cash in from Brock Lesnar. After the match, Rollins caught up backstage to discuss the win and Lesnar, and said that he wants a fair fight from the Beast Incarnate.

“I said I was going to be ready, and I was ready. Didn’t quite vanquish that contract, I know Brock Lesnar can still cash that in any place, any time,” he said. “But I think I sent a message, more importantly, that I’m not going to back down from any challenge … anywhere, any time, any place, I’m going to be ready for Brock Lesnar.”

Rollins also said that he hopes Lesnar cashes in his chance at the title, but he hopes that it’s done “like a man.” According to Rollins, this isn’t the Brock Lesnar we know. “This isn’t the Brock Lesnar that we know, that we love to hate. This is a shell, this is someone that Paul Heymans got by the little pinky finger who’s dragging around telling him to do every little thing,” he said. “This is not the Brock Lesnar I want to fight, so I hope that he cashes it in like a man, and we can have a real one. Because I would love to beat him again.”

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