WWE Super Showdown: Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Lars Sullivan made his in-ring debut on the WWE main roster at the Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

He faced off against the Lucha House Party in 3-on-1 Handicap action. While the numbers game played into Lucha House Party’s favor early, Sullivan wouldn’t stay down, leading to the trio getting themselves disqualified to put Sullivan down. However, before they could retreat, Sullivan chased them all down, laying waste to the faction, and got the last laugh.

Check out a breakdown of the match courtesy of our own Bill Pritchard here:

Lucha House Party vs. Lars Sullivan

Lars slams Kalisto in the corner and rams him with his shoulder, then he clubs Lince and whips both of them out of the ring. Lars throws Lince back in the ring and charges off of the ropes, hitting a shoulder tackle before following setting Lince up on the turnbuckles. He pie faces Kalisto and Metalik off of the apron, but Metalik comes back off of a tag and connects with a few kicks. Kalisto leaps off of the turnbuckles but Lars catches him, then he heads back up top but Lars clotheslines Kalisto in mid air. Lars hits Kalisto with a release choke slam and clubs him in the back of the head, then Lars heads up top but the Lucha House Party gang up on him and the ref calls for the bell. The trio continues to assault Lars after the bell, with Kalisto holding his legs as the other two dropkick him. Lince hits a top rope splash, then Metalik follows with a springboard elbow drop before leaving Lars in the ring. Lars gives chase and ends up backdropping Metalik, then he clotheslines Kalisto and takes out Lince. Lars slams Kalisto on the ramp, then he catches Lince to block a springboard attempt and slams him on the apron before leaving.

Winner by disqualification – Lars Sullivan

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