Shane McMahon Defeats Roman Reigns At WWE Super Showdown

Next up on WWE Super Showdown, former Universal Champion Roman Reigns faced off against Shane McMahon, who was flanked by Drew McIntyre.

McMahon held his own against Reigns inside the ring, but not without a little bit of help from “The Scottish Psychopath.” In fact, with the referee briefly down, McIntyre entered the ring and hit Reigns with the Claymore to put “The Big Dog” down for the three count, securing McMahon the win.

Check out the match breakdown courtesy of our own Bill Pritchard here:

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon

Shane initially comes to the ring alone, but Drew McIntyre ends up coming down to ringside. Drew takes a few cheap shots on Reigns while Shane distracts the referee, then Shane chokes Reigns right in front of the ref and gets a two count. Shane throws a few punches before walking into some big right hands by Reigns, then Reigns connects with a clothesline before Shane catches him with a back elbow. Shane tries to wear him down, but Reigns slams him into the corner and unloads with some clotheslines before hitting another one off of the ropes. Shane grounds Reigns again and goes for a triangle choke, but Reigns breaks it with a powerbomb and Shane ends up rolling outside to recover. Reigns rolls him back in the ring, but Drew attacks Reigns from behind, then Reigns recovers and takes him out before Shane spears Reigns for a two count. Reigns connects with a Superman punch as Shane climbs the turnbuckles, then plays to the crowd and calls for a spear. Shane kicks him in the head and backs into the ref, then Drew catches Reigns with a Claymore as the ref gets bumped, and Shane uses the distraction to steal the win.

Winner – Shane McMahon

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