WWE Super Showdown Kickoff: The Usos vs. The Revival

The Usos defeated The Revival to kick things off at today’s WWE Super Showdown from Saudi Arabia.

All four men were a part of a great back-and-forth, which saw Jimmy and Jey Uso take home the victory following a double superkick on Dash Wilder. Check out a full recap of the match courtesy of our own Bill Pritchard below:

The Usos vs. The Revival

Both teams trade chops before The Revival gains control, and Jimmy is set into the corner before kicking out of a pin attempt by Dawson. Dash tags in and takes some cheap shots while the ref deals with Jey on the apron, then Dawson gets back in and applies an abdominal stretch. Jimmy finally gets the tag after hitting Dash with a spinning heel kick, then Jey connects with a Samoan drop and splash in the corner for two. Jey nearly gets a pin but Dawson keeps the ref distracted, then they tag up and Dawson keeps talking trash to Jey. They attempt a backdrop but Jey floats over and Jimmy blind tags in, then he connects with a few superkicks and the Usos hit in stereo superkicks on Dash for the win.

Winners – The Usos

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