WWE Super Showdown Results: Undertaker vs Goldberg, Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon, Rollins Prevents Brock From Cashing In

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon 

Shane initially comes to the ring alone, but Drew McIntyre ends up coming down to ringside. Drew takes a few cheap shots on Reigns while Shane distracts the referee, then Shane chokes Reigns right in front of the ref and gets a two count. Shane throws a few punches before walking into some big right hands by Reigns, then Reigns connects with a clothesline before Shane catches him with a back elbow. Shane tries to wear him down, but Reigns slams him into the corner and unloads with some clotheslines before hitting another one off of the ropes. Shane grounds Reigns again and goes for a triangle choke, but Reigns breaks it with a powerbomb and Shane ends up rolling outside to recover. Reigns rolls him back in the ring, but Drew attacks Reigns from behind, then Reigns recovers and takes him out before Shane spears Reigns for a two count. Reigns connects with a Superman punch as Shane climbs the turnbuckles, then plays to the crowd and calls for a spear. Shane kicks him in the head and backs into the ref, then Drew catches Reigns with a Claymore as the ref gets bumped, and Shane uses the distraction to steal the win.

Winner – Shane McMahon

Kofi Kingston cuts a backstage promo about his match with Dolph Ziggler, saying he pulled himself to his feet a few weeks ago and got off of a stretcher because he wants to show people what a real champion is. Xavier Woods talks about Kofi’s trip home to Ghana, and Kofi brings up Dolph’s new attitude and aggression. He says he’s going to give Dolph another thing to get mad about because he’s going to remain WWE Champion.

Lucha House Party vs. Lars Sullivan 

Lars slams Kalisto in the corner and rams him with his shoulder, then he clubs Lince and whips both of them out of the ring. Lars throws Lince back in the ring and charges off of the ropes, hitting a shoulder tackle before following setting Lince up on the turnbuckles. He pie faces Kalisto and Metalik off of the apron, but Metalik comes back off of a tag and connects with a few kicks. Kalisto leaps off of the turnbuckles but Lars catches him, then he heads back up top but Lars clotheslines Kalisto in mid air. Lars hits Kalisto with a release choke slam and clubs him in the back of the head, then Lars heads up top but the Lucha House Party gang up on him and the ref calls for the bell.

The trio continues to assault Lars after the bell, with Kalisto holding his legs as the other two dropkick him. Lince hits a top rope splash, then Metalik follows with a springboard elbow drop before leaving Lars in the ring. Lars gives chase and ends up backdropping Metalik, then he clotheslines Kalisto and takes out Lince. Lars slams Kalisto on the ramp, then he catches Lince to block a springboard attempt and slams him on the apron before leaving.

Winner by disqualification – Lars Sullivan