Bully Ray on Why No One Will Ever Be As Big as John Cena in WWE

On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer discussed the shift in WWE away from stars like John Cena. Dreamer listed off names from several past decades that could fit that bill. “The 80s was all about every star. You had Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, Ted DiBiase. You had so man diverse stars. The 90s, Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, DX, so much diversity there with different stars.”

In the current day, Dreamer posits that Roman Reigns is on that level as the current face of the company. Bully then goes into why his spot on the top of the card is different from those who have came before.

But Roman Reigns can’t do whatever the hell he wants like John or Rocky can. Like Steve can, like Hulk can. My whole perspective on this is that those guys became bigger than WWE. They’ll always have a loyalty to WWE because WWE allowed them to become those larger than life personas. But, if they don’t want to do something, they don’t have to. I don’t think WWE wants any one particular star to become bigger than the company ever again.

You can hear the full clip embedded in the tweet below.

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