Will Ospreay Discusses Move To Japan, Stepping Up After Other Stars Left NJPW

Will Ospreay recently won the Best of the Super Junior Tournament at New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and during hist post-match discussion, Ospreay talked about why he plans on moving to Japan, and what he loves to much about the country.

When asked if he’s a fan of Japan, Ospreay was quick to share that he does indeed love the country. “Love every single bit of it. In England, every now and again you walk across some dickhead who’s always got a problem. I love my country to bits … but sometimes people are just horrible. I’ve never experienced a horrible person in Japan, you’re all lovely.”

According to Ospreay, he knows that he’s needed more in Japan then he is back in England. “I just know in my heart of hearts I’m not needed in England, here I’m needed. We’ve lost Kenny [Omega]. We’ve lost Cody [Rhodes]. We’ve lost The Young Bucks. We’ve lost Ricochet. We’ve lost Kushida. Someone needs to step up. I’m ready to do it. But for me to do it, I need to be here.”

Although Ospreay did acknowledge he might get sad being away from home, he’s hopeful about what he can do in Japan. “I might get a bit sad every now and again so I will need a cuddle or something. I’m life’s idiot, I got no brain but I have a big heart. I love this place, and I love professional wrestling. I know I can do this, I can take it on my back and I can take it around the world. I promise you I will do my absolute best.”

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