Val Venis Talks Working With Ken Shamrock, Controlling His Own Intensity

Val Venis recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his wrestling career, including all of the people that he worked with in the past. During one segment of the interview, Venis was asked about his feud with Ken Shamrock, and what it was like being in the ring with someone like him.

According to Venis, working Shamrock was an “intense” feeling. “Working with Ken Shamrock was intense, let’s face it, the guy is probably one of the most intense guys to ever step into the WWE ring,” he said. “Of course, working him, it’s probably the most intense that I have ever become inside the ring as well. There’s something about a man’s intensity that is over the top intense, that rubs off on you. And I think it elevated my game a little bit, to a higher level.”

Venis also went on to say that working with someone who was so intense in the ring was also a great way for him to learn how to control his own intensity, especially when he was on his own. “If I could take anything away, and make a solid claim on what I came away with from working with Ken Shamrock, it was acquiring the skill of controlling intensity.”

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