Scott Hall, Meet ‘Laser Ramón’ Of The Oakland A’s (Video), Sheamus’ ‘Muscle Up’ Fail

Scott Hall, Meet ‘Laser Ramón’ Of The Oakland A’s

Somebody is oozing machismo on the baseball diamond. Scott Hall is getting a tip of the cap from MLB experts as the Oakland A’s Ramón Laureano continues to carve up runners with an amazing arm, so much that the baseball analysts (which included avid wrestling fan Robert Flores) deemed the outfielder “Laser Ramón.” The clip referencing Hall and giving Laureano the “Bad Guy” moniker is below (in addition to some clips of Laureano’s unworldly arm).


Do not run on “Laser Ramón” Laureano!

"Laser Ramón" Laureano – MLB Central

ATTENTION ALL BASERUNNERS!Do not run on "Laser Ramón" Laureano!

Posted by MLB Network on Friday, April 5, 2019

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Sheamus’ ‘Muscle Up’ Fail

Sheamus recently had YouTube star Jason Chen on his Celtic Warrior Workout series and Chen tried to show Sheamus the art of “muscling up,” but it didn’t go as expected for the WWE star.

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… So I got in the gym with Youtube sensation & singer Jason Chen. We had a great workout until he tried to show me how to Muscle-Up as a finisher to our session. Needless to say, I failed quite badly but hey, it wasn’t the first time on this channel and it won’t be the last. Is there anyone out there that can teach me to Muscle-Up while I… Brave Change?