205 Live Results (06/04/19): Ariya Daivari Takes On Oney Lorcan

Tonight’s 205 Live was set to build upon Noam Dar’s chance at becoming a contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but a surprise appearance from Drew Gulak ended that. Prior to the match between Dar and Akira Tozawa, Gulak came out and delivered a vicious beatdown on Dar, leaving him incapacitated. Despite Dar being out, Tozawa told Drake Maverick he would take on Gulak, and the match was changed.

Although Tozawa wasn’t prepared for the new opponent, he still fought his aboslute hardest in an effort to make down Gulak. Unfortunately for Tozawa, Gulak was not to be denied, as he looked incredible focused and as intense as he’s ever been, and as the match went on, Gulak punished Tozawa too much, ending the match with a vicious neckbreaker that ended things for Tozawa.

After Gulak’s showing that he was ready to be a contender for the upper echelon of 205 Live, it was time for the main event of the night, which featured Ariya Daivary aiming to get revenge against Oney Lorcan. After suffering a defeat two weeks ago in a massive five-man match, Daivari was forced to receive stitches at the hands of Lorcan, and vowed to repay the favor.

In an extremely hard-fought match between two superstars who will do whatever it takes to not lose, it was clear that Daivari was targeting Lorcan’s left arm, which became weaker throughout the match. Throughout the match, Daivari’s left arm also became damaged, which helped lead to his shocking defeat against Lorcan. After Daivari took down Lorcan and landed a massive splash on him from the top rope, Lorcan was able to counter Daivari’s pin thanks to the weakened arm of Daivari. With an injured arm, Daivari couldn’t kick out of the pinfall, and suffered a devastating loss.

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