Lars Sullivan Reveals He Hates Being Called A Freak, Recites Haunting Nursery Rhyme

Lars Sullivan finally gave the WWE universe a chance to listen to him during tonight’s SmackDown Live, where the superstar made his way to the ring for an exclusive interview. Although he was quiet to start, Sullivan ended up saying a lot, including the fact that he doesn’t like being called a freak, and is ready to take down the Lucha House Party this weekend at WWE Super ShowDown.

As he started to speak with Kayla Braxton, Sullivan compared himself to a force of nature, and that what he realized was that he was a freak of nature.

“Would you ever ask a nightingale why they sing their sweet song? would you ask a lion why they methodically stalk their prey before sinking in their prey and ripping it apart? so why would you ever ask what drives a man like me? I’ve come to realize that I am no man. For my entire life, I’ve been described by one word. Do you know what that word is, Kayla? Say the word! I get it. It’s okay, hey. I’ve been called this work my entire life. I can take it. Say it.” “Freak.” “When a lion performs its primary function, people call it a lion. When I perform my primary function, people use that particular word. My primary function is to hurt, maim, dissect, vivisect, and dehumanize people. My primary function is to show all of you that the world isn’t filled of rainbow and sunshine, but pain, agony, and the real-life freak of nature like me.”

Sullivan was then asked what he thought about the Lucha House Party, who Sullivan will be facing at WWE Super ShowDown in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Sullivan went on to recite a very haunting nursery rhyme. “Do you like nursery rhymes? Three blind mice, watch how they run. Watch how they’re caught. Watch how their tails are ripped apart by my bare hands and how the beautiful portrait is painted with their bodily fluids.”

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