Mark Henry Explains Why The Undertaker vs. Goldberg Doesn’t Need A Story

With the upcoming match between the Undertaker and Goldberg at this weekend’s WWE Super ShowDown, some are wondering why there was no real build between the two juggernauts of wrestling. On SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio, Mark Henry said that there simply was no need for one.

When asked if there was enough story behind the upcoming match. Henry said there didn’t need to be one. “It’s not about all the wins and losses that Goldberg and Undertaker have amassed in all of these years,” he said. “These are 2 of the greatest wrestling icons in the history of the game. Any time that you can put together fantasy warfare…this is modern day fantasy warfare.”

Henry and Matt Camp went on to relate this to a matchup that you’d see in a video game, and Henry agreed, explaining that thanks to Undertaker’s mention of Goldberg’s family and his desire to not wrestle with the “family man” version of the superstar, Henry suggests that there is no build up required. “If I was Goldberg, and he mentioned my family, my kid, I’d go on TV tonight and say ‘Listen dude, you’re a man, you will bleed just like anyone else … You wanted the Goldberg that was 100-0? You got him.’,” he said. “If we get that guy, you don’t need buildup, you don’t need a storyline, you just need to turn the music on and let these two monsters walk to the ring, and it’ll be like Godzilla and Mothra.”

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