Greg Valentine On His WCW Run: ‘It Was A Blessing In Disguise’

Greg Valentine recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his wrestling career, and mentioned his time with the WCW during it. When asked about his contract with the former brand, Valentine revealed that he was under contract for some time despite not being utilized much, and that it was Hulk Hogan who approached him about joining the brand.

“Actually Hogan approached me and asked me, this was in ’97 I believe, and he talked to Eric and they brought me in for a while,” Valentine said, before discussing how his time with the brand was actually a blessing. “Actually, it was a blessing in disguise, the never hurt me. If I did a job, it was for a main guy or it was…I could set the job up the way I wanted to. Then they brought me in and put me over in a bunch of matches, so it was a good situation.”

Valentine also described how, thanks to his not being utilized much by the WCW, he was able to stay with the brand and also continue to book independent jobs, while staying relevant thanks to the satellite television broadcasts of WCW. All in all, it seems as if Valentine had a pleasant time with WCW, even though he may not have been around much to experience it.

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