The Best Friends On New Opportunities, AEW’s TV Future, Those ‘Spooky Perverts’ At Double Or Nothing

The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta) spoke with the media following their match—and run-in with those ‘spooky perverts’—at AEW’s Double Or Nothing last month. Taylor and Barreta discussed performing on the show’s main card, getting the amount of time in the ring that they received, who they want to work with in the future, and more. Here are the highlights:

Being on the main card for Double Or Nothing, as opposed to the pre-show for All In:

Taylor: For me, he used to be in WWE, I’ve never done anything close to this. I was in New Japan for a year and a half and doing some of their big shows. But it doesn’t compare anything to this. I’ve never done anything on this level. We were on the All In show, but we were on the pre-show in the battle royal, and to be on the main show where you actually feel like you’re contributing is incredible.

Barreta: Yeah, I want to be on the main show, we both do, and have the real matches. That’s what we’re here for.

Taylor: When you’re in a battle royal, there’s 25 other people or whatever it was. The show isn’t about us, it’s about all these other guys. We weren’t in the top tier of the matches. But still, to be on the main show, that’s where you want to be.

What it meant to get the amount of time they did in the ring:

Barreta: It’s huge. It’s like – because a new company you’re scared that maybe you’ll be doing nothing matches. But to be given the opportunity to have a real match and be given real-time –

Taylor: And to be with a company that is obviously emphasizing tag team wrestling, you know – started by the Young Bucks, like –

Barreta: It’s exactly what we hoped for when we left New Japan to come here.

What other tag teams they look forward to working with:

Barreta: I’m looking forward to wrestling some spooky perverts, to be honest. Because I like good guy vs. bad guy wrestling. They seem like bad dudes. You can tell, that’s the best storyline.

Taylor: As long as I don’t have to fight the Young Bucks because they’re going to be so much more popular than us. People are gonna be like ‘Yeah, we like you guys,’ and then like get, ‘Get the f*ck out of here.’

What are their hopes for themselves once the weekly AEW series kicks off in a couple of months:

Taylor: I think just to have a future, prominent part. If they’re gonna push the tag team division, we’d love to be able to stay in the mix. I don’t want to be a guy who loses all the time. I want to be cool. I want my friends who I went to high school with to think I’m tough.

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