OWE Vice President Confirms All Elite Wrestling Double Or Nothing Visa Issues

The South China Morning Post has confirmed that All Elite Wrestling visa issues did occur for Double or Nothing. While Oriental Wrestling Entertainment had representation at the show, it was only able to have three of its Japanese talent appear (CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman). None of their Chinese wrestlers appeared due to their inability to get a visa.

“There were four of our talented Chinese wrestlers invited to Double or Nothing, but they couldn’t get visas because of the embassy,” OWE vice-president Michael Nee told the South China Morning Post. “We gave them everything we had – invitation letters, documents, we were all prepared but it didn’t happen. We tried twice.”

They are currently trying to get this fixed before AEW’s All Out show. Interestingly, it also gives merit to the reports that PAC was pulled off Double or Nothing due to visa issues rather than creative differences. A source speaking with Wrestlezone before the match was cancelled said visa issues might put the PAC vs. Page match in jeopardy. Other outlets, including Voices of Wrestling claim to have been told the same, lending some credibility to reports about PAC’s status. The British wrestler also been taken off of Fyter Fest and missed Wrestlecon due to visa issues.

The same source tells us that they can ‘assure you 100%’ that PAC was not at Double Or Nothing because of this reason. It was also noted that the talent involved in the match were upset that the narrative about ‘creative differences’ being the story instead of the truth about PAC’s visa issues.

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