Killer Kross Addresses The ‘Inaccuracies’ Of Report He Asked For His IMPACT Wrestling Release

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Killer Kross addressed the rumors surrounding his status with IMPACT Wrestling, saying he had initially been silent on the matter, but now says he’s angry about the ‘inaccuracies’ about him requesting his release.

Kross was interviewed by Ruben Jay for Multimedia Mouth during Starrcast II, and Jay wasted no time in asking about his status, citing the initial report by that Kross had requested his release from IMPACT Wrestling.

“I’ve chosen not to talk about it, the reason being because there are inaccuracies that are in that article and quite frankly, I’m very f-cking angry that that article has surfaced and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that. I’m not happy about it.”

According to the report, Kross requested his release from IMPACT due to issues with his current contract. It was stated that Kross was looking for a six-figure deal comparable to what other talent was making, but asked for his release after the two sides were unable to agree on new terms.

While it was noted that IMPACT would not grant Kross’ request for a release, a source speaking with Wrestlezone at the time did say IMPACT officials made a counteroffer—although it was much lower than expected. An exact figure was not mentioned, but it was said to be ‘less than a NXT entry level deal’, which is normally $45,000 per year.

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Kross went on to tell Jay that he’s been very happy with IMPACT Wrestling overall, saying he’s been very vocal about that over the course of the year. He noted that he’s been given “a lot of freedoms there that probably wouldn’t be afforded anywhere else” and said that there’s a level of gratitude that can’t be repaid. When Jay asked about potentially finding a new home in the future, Kross said his end game is that he hopes to be financially secure enough to take care of his family, and wherever that can happen is where he belongs.

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