WWE NXT TakeOver XXV Live Results (6/1/19)

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The Street Profits vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. The Undisputed Era

All four teams start to brawl. The UE and Ford are left in the ring. Fish and O’Reilly both kick Ford in the gut. The UE take out everyone but Lorcan and Burch. The Four men trade strikes. The UE tries to bring a ladder into the ring but Blake dives out of the ring into the ladder, taking out Fish and O’Reilly. Everyone fights outside. Dawkins leaps off the top rope on top of everyone. Thee Street Profits try to climb the ladder. The UE knock them off. Fish and O’Reilly start to climb. Blake spears the ladder and wipes out Fish and O’Reilly. The Forgotten Sons put a ladder on their necks and attack everyone with it. Lorcan and Burch German suplex Cutler and Blake while they still have the ladder around their necks.

The Street Profits hit their finisher on Lorcan. Dawkins and Ford put Blake on a ladder and hit the leapfrog. Cutler gets flap jacked on the ladder. Combination DDT German suplex by the UE on Ford on top of the ladder! Fish climbs the ladder. Culter powerbombs O’Reilly into the ladder, knocking Fish off the top. Fish lands on top of O’Reilly. Cutler climbs the ladder while O’Reilly is under it. O’Reilly grabs Culter’s leg and puts him in a kneebar. Culter taps but it doesn’t mean anything. Blake saves Cutler. Blake and Cutler hit their finisher on Fish off the ladder. Culter and Blake climb the ladder. Burch and Dawkins pull both Forgotten Sons off the ladder. Lorcan and Burch hit a doomsday European uppercut. Dawkins and Ford hit a doomsday blockbuster. O’Reilly tries to climb the ladder but Jaxon Ryker hits the ring and powerbombs O’Reilly into a ladder. Ryker takes everyone out. Ryker slams a ladder into Dawkins over and over again. Lorcan charges in and gets back body dropped on the ladder. The UE, Street Profits, Lorcan and Burch jump Ryker. Ryker is buried under a ladder.

The UE is about to climb the ladder but Ryker gets to his feet. O’Reilly and Fish hit Ryker in the face with a ladder. Ford leaps over both O’Reilly and Fish and hits a tope on Ryker. Ryker gets to his feet again. Lorcan suicide dives into Ryker. Burch dropkicks the ladder into O’Reilly and Fish. Burch and Lorcan take out the field with suplexes and ladder shots. Burch and Lorcan set up a ladder. Fish and O’Reilly cut them off and set up another ladder. Both teams climb. Both teams fight on top of the ladder. Cutler and Blake knock over both ladders. Dawkins spears Cutler. Ford springboards up the ladder and knocks Blake off. Ford pulls down both titles for the win!

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits!

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