WWE NXT TakeOver XXV Live Results (6/1/19)

NXT TakeOver XXV Live ResultsWWE NXT TakeOver XXV Live Results

June 1, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Roderick Strong vs. Matt Riddle

Riddle waist lock takedowns Strong. Riddle almost locks in the BroMission early. Strong gets to the ropes. Strong levels Riddle with a chop. Riddle hits three gut wrench suplexes in a row. Riddle and Strong fight to the outside. Riddle dives off the ring steps and elbows Strong. Strong pushes Riddle into the ring post. Strong back breakers Riddle on the ring apron. Strong hangs Riddle out to dry on the top rope. Riddle and Strong trade strikes. Strong blasts Riddle with a uranage backbreaker. Olympic slam by Strong. Riddle kicks out. Riddle lands a series of strikes in the corner. Exploder suplex by Riddle. Broton followed by a penalty kick by Riddle. Strong kicks out. Riddle lands a few kicks. Go to sleep by Riddle followed by an Everest German suplex! Strong kicks out!

Riddle goes up top. Strong hits a step-up enziguri. Strong cuts off Riddle and hits a superplex. Riddle kicks out at two. Riddle tries a powerbomb but his back gives out. Strong lands a bunch of elbows and knee strikes. Strong drops Riddle with the C4. Riddle kicks out! Strong attempts the Stronghold. Riddle escapes and hits a powerbomb into the Final Flash. Strong kicks out! Riddle tries the Floating Bro but Strong gets his knees up. Strong powerbombs Riddle. Riddle kicks out but Strong transitions into the Stronghold. Riddle kicks up and rolls Strong into the BroMission. Riddle can’t hold it. Strong stands up out of the hold. Riddle picks up Strong and hits a cradle tombstone into a slam for the win!

Winner- Matt Riddle

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