Val Venis Talks Right To Censor Gimmick: ‘I Didn’t Like It At All’

Val Venis is best known for his porn star gimmick inside WWE, but later on he joined the group Right to Censor. Rather than promoting a promiscuous lifestyle, Venis was now censoring others and was against showing any skin. It was a solid heel act, but now he’s come out and revealed that he didn’t enjoy the gimmick in an interview with The Hannibal TV.

“The Right to Censor would not have been my choice. It’s not something I particularly enjoyed doing,” said Venis. “I understood the political reasons behind it because we did have the Parental Television Council that was lobbying advertisers against WWE RAW. I understood Vince’s idea of mocking the PTC with the RTC.”

One of the reasons was that he didn’t want to get away from his Van Venis character and that he hated the clothes. “I work hard in that ring and sweat a lot. To wear long pants and a tie, ugh, I did not like that at all. … I never wanted to stop doing the Val Venis character. I did want to take it in other directions but the core of the character, I wanted to keep it in tact. When Vince Russo left, it seemed like to me that the rug got pulled out from the Val Venis character.”

Check out the full clip below:

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