Dustin Rhodes On Getting Busted Open At Double Or Nothing, Life Outside Of WWE, Potentially Assuming A Mentor Role

Dustin Rhodes spoke with the media following his Double Or Nothing match against his brother Cody. At the time, Dustin said he’s on board with Cody’s proposal for Fight For The Fallen where they’ll team against The Young Bucks, and that he was hoping to get a six star match at the next event, but was hoping to “get a little more than a 3.5 tonight.” (The DON match has since been rated a five star match by Meltzer)

Dustin was asked about what his father, WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes might think about the match, and ‘The Natural’ said his dad was “watching, grinning ear-to-ear, I’m sure. He had the best seat in the house, and I could feel him.”

Dustin was asked about how he got busted open during his match, and he explained how it happened as well as how it affected his gameplan during the bout:

”Cody’s cane has a wolf’s head on it. So, Brandi—I know she doesn’t like me at all. Right? And I don’t really care for her either, but she hit me almost square in my temple. It felt like my temple, but when I went down I’m like ‘what the hell?’ and then she speared me and I rolled over and it just started shooting out. I was like ‘Oh God, that’s a deep one.’ It was blinding at times in the match, and I was like ‘man, it won’t stop’ and it kept coming. I think the sweat in the building and probably my nerves too, because I was so hyped up for it.”

With all of the blood that was shed in the match, Dustin says he never thought about saying I quit because it’s “not in the Rhodes DNA”, but he did anticipating retiring after the match.

I was. Then [Cody] snuck up on me and I was like ‘Jesus, let me get my boots off before you do anything. My God, I want to leave these boots in the ring and say goodbye proper.’ I was pretty tired and he came in there, and I didn’t know what to expect he was going to do. I was exhausted. He killed the Attitude Era, but I’m standing here today.

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Dustin was asked if he feels like this match was career defining, and if he considers it feels like he never got the proper credit he deserves until the last few years. He said it feels good to have a new life in wrestling, and that Vince McMahon had better be paying attention to what AEW is up to.

“I got out of Papillon. I made it out of prison and it feels good to know that there’s a life outside of WWE. It feels good. New life for everybody, and [Vince] had better be on his toes.”

Dustin also said he’d be open to assuming more of a mentor role with AEW, saying he could teach a lot of wrestlers about character work if there was an opportunity for him:

“I’d love to. I think it’s my job to pass on my knowledge of the business to the kids who want it and who listen. I do know what I’m doing, and I can tell stories and help with creative, with characters. I think characters are important for our business. Yeah, I would love to do that if the opportunity arises.”

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