Conrad Thompson and Chris Jericho Explain Why He Didn’t Appear At Starrcast

Chris Jericho shocked Starrcast attendees when he didn’t show up for his live Talk is Jericho show on Sunday. Instead, he sent in a video message that told fans that he still hadn’t received his thank you and thus wasn’t doing it. Now more information has come out regarding the no-show via the Wrestling Observer.

Jericho says that he had told the convention that he wasn’t doing the podcast a month ago after he found out it would air live on internet pay-per-view. However, Jericho and organizer Conrad Thompson decided to meet in the middle and have Jericho do an in-character rant (same as the video) so fans still got to see him there even if he couldn’t do the podcast.

However, Jericho later found out that he had family plans for Sunday and couldn’t make it. “It’s not Conrad’s fault I didn’t make an appearance,” Jericho told the Wrestling Observer. “That’s all on me. But, the live Talk is Jericho was never happening.”

Thompson confirmed the story and said that he had no choice of when to post the video since it had spoilers for Double or Nothing. This forced it to be released on Sunday rather than to give participants more notice.

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