They Are NXT UK: Eddie Dennis On Living Out His Dreams, His In-Ring Inspirations

NXT UK star Eddie Dennis was a guest on this week’s episode of They Are NXT UK with Wrestlezone’s Iain Chambers. Dennis talks about his beginnings in wrestling, including working while he was also a teacher, and discusses getting hired by WWE and standing out in the company.

In-ring Inspirations

“As a child, I just liked all the big stars in WCW. I saw WWE later on. Around 2000, I was about 14, and I looked out for people who had a style of wrestling that I really liked. Nigel McGuinness, I’m a big big fan of. Kassius Ohno, who’s over in NXT in the States right now. Big fan of him. Cesaro on the main roster, those guys stand out as people who I really enjoyed.”

Do you feel lucky to be in WWE?

“I definitely think that all of us grew up watching, well the vast majority grew up watching this product. So there’s an aspect of all of us out there living our dreams. On the other side, I don’t think you get to high levels in anything if you don’t have a little chip on your shoulder. If you don’t walk into the room thinking that you belong, I don’t think you’re going to be a success in that walk of life. Yes, you’re grateful and humbled for the opportunity, but you got to be ready to show everyone that you’re capable of producing the goods.”

Check out the full episode below:

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