Raven Shares Infamous Road Stories, Explains Why ECW Made A Lasting Impression On Fans

Wrestling legend Raven recently spoke to WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam on a variety of professional wrestling topics while promoting his appearance with comedian Tim Gonzalez and fellow wrestling veteran Johnny Swinger tonight.

The group will be sharing TALL TALES live at Doc Holiday’s Saloon in Griffin, GA on Thursday, May 30. Proceeds will benefit Operation Lunchbox, which helps children in need get extra meals around their school lunches. (Tickets available here)

Is there a road story that people always ask to hear about?

“The slip-n-slide. There’s one with a naked slip-n-slide. In a nutshell, [Perry] Saturn and I and two strippers—all four of us naked—make a homemade slip-n-slide in the hallway of a hotel—motel? hotel, motel, something in between. But we slip-n-slided and there were a lot more shenanigans involved, but suffice to say we got thrown out of the hotel for it.”

How many hotels have you been thrown out of?

“Not that many. I’m pretty good about getting thrown out. I am still currently banned for life from National Car Rental.

I didn’t do anything. The lady tried to charge me for the car—or a bill that was already paid, I forget, this is 25 years ago—but suffice to say we got into a [war] of words, I used a ‘C’ word I believe, and she called headquarters and had me banned for life.”

What is it about being ‘edgy’ in wrestling that makes a lasting impression?

“ECW is because it was so influential. Bob Dylan is still talked about today because he was so influential, same with The Beatles, same with The Rolling Stones. [ECW] also went into legendary status because it is no more, so there’s always [that feeling of] ‘we missed it’ or caught a moment in time. People that watch Game Of Thrones—let’s say they don’t make another [series on that level]—people are still going to have that touchstone, like Seinfeld. Because things end, they have more resonance and meaning.”

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