Jeff Cobb Will Face Matt Taven At Best In The World For ROH World Championship

Ring of Honor Wrestling has announced that Jeff Cobb will be taking on the ROH World Champion Matt Taven for the title at their upcoming Best in the World event. After not demanding a rematch for his ROH World Television Title, Cobb will instead challenge Taven to a title match, with the ROH Board of Directors approving the rematch and making it official.

The Best in the World pay-per-view will take place late next month, on June 28 in Baltimore’s UMBC Event Center. According to the company, both TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia – Tave’s fellow Kingdom members – will be banned from ringside for the match. “I want the man that’s bragging about being the best world champion in Ring of Honor history,” Cobb said on the most recent episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling.”  “I want Matt Taven. More importantly, I want what Matt Taven has, and that’s the Ring of Honor World Championship.”

With the match now official, it’ll be interesting to see if Cobb can come away with a hard-fought victory over Taven and crown himself the new champion. Of course, Taven won’t go down so easily, so make sure you’re watching to see which superstar comes out on top.

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