205 Live Results (05/28/19): Jack Gallagher Takes On Humberto Carrillo

After last week’s 205 Live saw a massive fatal five-way match to determine who might be the best competitor for Tony Nese, tonight’s 205 Live had a lot to live up to. It got started on the right foot almost right away, with an electric match between Mike Kanellis and Brian Kendrick. Although Kanellis’ contract status is currently up in the air, he didn’t let that get to him, as he was able to take down Kendrick fairly easily even though the beginning of their match was a bit back-and-forth. In the end, it was Kanellis landing a rolling cutter on Kendrick and then pinning him for the win, allowing Kanellis to celebrate with Maria.

After the match, a backstage segment between Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa took place, with Nese telling 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick that he would like Tozawa to be the next number one contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. While Tozawa seemed excited about the possibility, Maverick wouldn’t give a definitive answer, opting instead to have them both wait on it. Following that, a very brief match between Noam Dar and Mike Karma, with Dar making short work of Karma.

After a brief segment that saw Drake Maverick chasing after R-Truth and his 24/7 Championship, it was time for the main event, with Jack Gallagher taking on Humberto Carrillo. In a match that was incredibly close throughout the entire affair, it was Carrillo who was able to come away with the hard-fought victory, thanks in part to his ability to constantly one-up Gallagher, ending the match with a high-flying splash onto him to end it. After their match, Gallagher and Carrillo showed some great sportsmanship by shaking hands, demonstrating that even the toughest of competitors can be friends after a match.

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