Tony Khan: AEW Will Focus On ‘The Best Wrestling,’ Most Action Will Take Place Inside The Ring

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan recently joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio to discuss the future of All Elite Wrestling and what fans can expect when it comes to future shows.

According to Khan, the aim of AEW will be to provide fans with “a serious, sports-based product” that will take place both “in and around the ring.” According to Khan, however, his main aspect is going to be on the matches themselves, and not anything else. “We’re going to provide a serious, sports-based product with the best wrestling … it’s going to take place in and around the ring. With the best bell-to-bell, you know, along the lines of what you saw in the last show.”

Discussing AEW’s plans further, Khan discussed how their plans will be different from other brands, especially when it comes to segments that might take place during a show. “To be straight-forward about something, something you’re going to notice more and more in our shows, is they’re going to take place in and around the ring. Like, we’re not going to go out of the arena,” he said. “We’re not going spend half the show backstage in dressing rooms or backstage choreographed segments. I’m really interested in focusing on the matches, and there’s plenty of time outside the matches to focus on storyline advancement.”

Finally, Khan talked about how the comedy of wrestling segments can certainly be discussed, but that there has to be a proper place for it. “To focus on the funny sketches, we can do all that,” he said. “Nobody does that comedy better than our guys. There’s nothing funnier in wrestling than BTE, but there’s a time and a place for it.”

From the sounds of it, Khan and those behind AEW have everything planned, and all that’s left to decide is how well it’s executed.

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