Greg Valentine On Rhythm & Blues Tag Team With Honky Tonk Man, Why It Ended

Greg Valentine recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his wrestling career, when the topic of the Rhythm & Blues tag team came up. Specifically, Valentine was asked about what made the group come together, and what caused it to end.

When asked whether he was initially for the formation of the tag team at the time, Valentine noted that he was initially. “I was for it when I had my blonde hair. For a year or so, they wanted to do the black hair thing to shock the people,” he said. “I look back at it now, and I’ve watched the business change, and it’s gotten really gimmicky and I’m trying to hold out as a hard-nosed wrestler and trying to make everything believable … I said you know what … I’ll go out and be a showman.”

Valentine went on to discuss how although he was a bit hesitant to start, he does look back on the memories fondly, even though they cut the duo a bit early. “I look back and I laugh and I enjoy it. But they cut it off, and I’m sorry they did, because I think we could have done very, very well as World Tag Team Champions,” revealed the WWE Hall of Famer. “But they cut it off because of the signing with the Road Warriors, I believe.”

From the sound of it, it seems like Valentine did end up cherishing his time with the duo, even though he may have been trying to take things more seriously in the beginning. If the tag team hadn’t been ended prematurely, who knows just how famous they could have become as a team.

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