Jim Ross Had No Idea Jon Moxley Would Debut At AEW Double Or Nothing

WWE Hall Of Famer and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) commentator Jim Ross was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to discuss Double Or Nothing. Ross talked about being surprised about Jon Moxley’s AEW debut like everyone else, the amazing Las Vegas crowd, the roster’s potential, and more.

Here are the highlights:

Jon Moxley’s AEW debut:

I didn’t know it was going to happen. I knew we were negotiating with Moxley. I asked what was happening with him about 10 days ago, and I was told it was going well, but when it came time for the show, his name wasn’t anywhere on my format sheet. It left my mind because I had more I knew I had to prepare for.

The lucky part for me is it reminded me of Mick Foley getting thrown off the cell. I didn’t know that was going to happen, and the same thing happened on Saturday night in Vegas. I didn’t know Moxley was coming out there. He was so full of passion and raw, animal magnetism. I felt it in my bone marrow, it was a ‘Stone Cold’ moment.

The amazing Las Vegas crowd:

The crowd there should be saluted, each and every person. They brought something special. The only places I can remember hearing a crowd quite like that are some nights during the ‘Attitude Era’ in Chicago and at the Garden in New York. This audience, without question, was there because they wanted to be there, they made sacrifices to be there, and man, when they got in their seats, they delivered. We should all be grateful for that.

The potential of AEW’s roster:

The roster has a lot of potential. We’re now in a very competitive arena. I’m not referring to us against WWE, I’m comparing us against ourselves. The next time we have a major show, we have to bring what we brought this past Saturday or better. Anything less than overwhelming success is not going to work.

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