R-Truth Does His Own ‘Old Town Road’ Remix With 24/7 Title, Ethan Page Cuts Promo On David Arquette Before Meeting ‘Ghostface’

R-Truth Does His Own ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Whether it’s winning titles or rapping, R-Truth always finds a way to stay relevant and the current 24/7 Champion combined his love for both in his latest YouTube clip as he does his own rendition of “Old Town Road” with his new title in tow.

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Ego Meets ‘Ghostface’

Ethan Page may not be scared of David Arquette, but who isn’t afraid of Ghostface? The Scream slasher made a run-in during a promo Page was cutting on the former WCW Heavyweight Champion and it caused him to get an understandable case of the limber-tail.