Why Everyone Should Want To Be Baron Corbin, Ricochet Enjoyed Shutting Cesaro Up

Why Everyone Should Want To Be Baron Corbin

2019 has been a banner year for Baron Corbin. First, he beat Kurt Angle in the legend’s retirement match at WrestleMania. Now, he’s earned a shot at Seth Rollins’ Universal Championship. After winning a Number One Contender match on RAW, Corbin discussed the victory. “I’m a main event player, night in [and] night out,” said Corbin. “Every little kid should want to be me.”

Ricochet Enjoyed Shutting Cesaro Up

Last week on RAW, Cesaro insulted Ricochet, who wasn’t completely healthy, and defeated him in the ring. This week, Ricochet earned some revenge by winning the rematch. Afterwards, in a backstage interview, the high flier talked about why he enjoyed silencing the Swiss Cyborg. “He likes to…try and be a bully and sometimes you gotta shut people like that up,” said Ricochet. “Tonight, I did.”

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