Bully Ray: Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes Was Emotional Because The Fans Loved Dusty

Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik

Bully Ray had high praise for Dustin Rhodes vs. Cody at All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing. He praised the two on putting on the best match of the night and mentioned that it resonated so well because of the organic nature of it and because the fans loved Dusty Rhodes so much.

“With Cody versus Dustin, people were responding with their heart,” said Ray.”Every thing that you heard coming from fans was coming from from their heart. They truly felt for Cody, they truly felt for Dustin. It’s all because they loved Dusty. That’s great storytelling when you have people responding from the heart. That’s what gives you memorable matches that are talked about forever. That [vibe for Double or Nothing] was as pure as it gets. That’s better than a WrestleMania vibe that is kind of canned. That’s how people are supposed to respond, this was because of how people wanted to respond based on emotion. … You saw the raw powerful emotion on fans’ faces. You don’t see a lot of that in WWE. … People were so invested in that match. People genuinely felt for the both of them. They knew they were seeing something that they had to see because they were fed this pro wrestling out of a can for so long. Cody vs. Dustin isn’t out of a can, it was 33 years in the making that should have happened long ago but certain people didn’t believe in him. [They] gave us the match of the night.”

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