Dr Britt Baker DMD On Having Both Careers Crossover, Awesome Kong, Benefitting From Her ‘All In’ Experience

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Dr Britt Baker DMD spoke with the media following her appearance at All Elite Wrestling‘s Double Or Nothing, where she was victorious over Kylie Rae, Nyla Rose and the debuting Awesome Kong.

Baker commented on the crowd chanting ‘DMD’ after her match, saying she worked hard for her title, and it’s a nice crossover of both of her careers:

“That gave me goosebumps. For me, it’s such a personal accomplishment. When I hear the announcer call me ‘Dr. Britt Baker DMD’ when I walk down the ring, I worked so hard for that. It gets to carry over to both of my worlds and it’s so refreshing and very self-empowering.”

With her win, Baker said she hopes she’s now in line for the eventual AEW Women’s Championship, and said Double Or Nothing was just a taste of what fans can expect from their women’s division. She said despite the triple threat turning into a four-way match at the last minute, she tried to prepare as much as she could. Awesome Kong’s appearance was still a big surprise, but Baker said it was still an honor to share the ring with a legend like Kong.

“Yeah, that’s something you don’t expect to see every day. This gigantic monster coming at you down to the ring with not even a smile on her face ready to wreak havoc. Like I said earlier, it’s amazing to share the first women’s match in AEW history with a legend like Awesome Kong.”

Do you feel the pressure of being at All In helped in this experience?

“Sure. I said coming back from All In, it was a blessing and a curse. I had that exposure that maybe some of my opponents didn’t have. I also felt like I had something to prove, like ‘oh you were in that match, let’s see how you do against a whole new flock of girls.’

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