Mike Kanellis Promotes 205 Live’s Focus on Wrestling, WWE Counts Down Reckless Superstar Attacks

Mike Kanellis Promotes 205 Live’s Focus on Wrestling

This Memorial Day weekend, fans of wrestling are energized and looking for more action. Mike Kanellis took the opportunity to remind fans that several of WWE’s offerings are more focused on in-ring action than RAW and SmackDown.

Guys, on @WWE205Live we actually get to WRESTLE. If that’s your kinda thing, wrestling on a pro wrestling show, please watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed. #wwe


This led to healthy destruction between Maria’s husband and the fans. Mike agrees that WWE doesn’t put in enough time promoting his brand, but that shouldn’t stop fans from tuning in.

I agree to an extent. More people would watch if it was presented better on more ppvs or had more commercials etc. but you can still care about it, without @WWE telling you too care. Tell them what you care about


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WWE Counts Down Reckless Superstar Attacks

On the latest edition of WWE Top 10, WWE has gathered ten feats of daring from the company’s history. These include Riccochet moonsaulting off the WarGames cage, Andrade blasting Finn Balor through a ladder at Money in the Bank, and Kalisto’s sky-high Selina Del Sol.